Our Latest Investment: Gemini

Cameron and I have been angel investors for over two years now. So far the journey has been incredible, we’ve met some of the most courageous, innovative and brilliant people along the way, but most importantly, we formed lifelong friendships that will persist regardless of the economic outcomes.

Today, our portfolio includes over 40 companies and is growing strong. But we always had a suspicion that one day we would go back to our roots as entrepreneurs and ultimately place a bet on ourselves. That day has come.

So with that, we are proud to announce Gemini: a next generation bitcoin exchange.

Read more about our journey here.

  • Andrew Kennedy

    The more I think about the ‘front door’ / by the book approach you are taking wrt Gemini the more and more I think it will be hugely successful — credibility / trust is everything. The idea of pushing out an exchange before it is ready (to be first) is indicative of a ‘move fast and break things’ culture/mantra, which while a very effective strategy for finding PMF is the exact opposite tact that one should be taking when looking to be taken seriously in the world of finance, especially at the infrastructure level.

    That said, the macro need for a secure/ trustworthy U.S. based btc exchange is clear, but the question that leaves me with is the micro ie what is the cost of security / trustworthiness and how does that map to transaction fees over time. In plain english, is the cost of security/compliance (trust) a variable that will fluctuate over time and if so how can it be maintained if transaction volumes lag over the short term.

    These are just some thoughts, but this is how I would be thinking about things as an institutional investor that was on the sideline, but interested in dipping my toe in the water knowing that it will require time and $$ to develop a bitcoin strategy, which adds additional friction.

  • Brett Law

    Have you considered repositioning bitcoins as a central bank currency? A finite supply of 21 million is pretty exclusionary of a universal currency or even a national currency but the IMF might find it useful particularly in light of the UN more or less being limited to sanctions.

  • JimJ

    I am a funded backer of your AngeLlist syndicate. Will you be syndicating an investment in Gemini?

  • Eddie Williams

    Word is, it has not been easy gathering clientele to use your bitcoin platform. Well, customer service is paramount, and when I recently had a game-stopping issue in the sign-up process, your CSR “Shane” simply stopped answering my emails and put me on the ignore list. As of now, I am still not able to utilize your service. Because I had no choice but to abandon the whole thing and write it all off– just as was the treatment given to me. Show clowns like this the door, or this operation will never
    truly prosper. Truly, you’re only as good as your weakest links…. Thanks for your time.

  • wolfystrade

    You have to listen to these brothers, they have had the Midas touch.

  • Mony Gillon

    Gemini has the worst customer service that i have seen in a long time. They have no problem taking your money but when when you want to withdraw, it next to impossible. I have been trying to withdraw money from my account for almost a week now and everytime they deny it with vague one line responses and no effort to resolve the issues. I am only trying to withdraw money to the same account that i deposited it from. Whats so hard about that? In my latest interaction, they asked me to wire more money to them from a new account so they can “verify my account details”. Im starting to think that this is a ponzi scheme.

  • omgwtfbbqhax1

    Why is it taking them more than 10 days to verify my address after I sent all of my documents? Wtf is wrong with them?

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