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Jane Lippencott

Jane Lippencott

Jane Lippencott is an investor who focuses on decentralized technologies and how they can reshape the Internet, financial services, and money. She is an associate at Winklevoss Capital and spends her time learning about and investing in crypto startups, protocols, and funds.

After growing up in Hong Kong on a steady diet of science fiction novels, Jane knew she was staring at the future of money when she discovered Bitcoin in 2014. Prior to Winklevoss Capital, she interned at China Silver hedge fund, Merrill Lynch private wealth management, SOSV’s Chinaccelerator, and Nest VC. In 2016, Jane joined the founding team of Horizen (formerly ZenCash), a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, where she co-authored its whitepaper and focused on community management, business development, governance, and hiring.

Jane contributes as a startup mentor to the following accelerators: Near Protocol’s Open Web Collective, CeloCamp, ETC Labs, Cardano’s dLab, and impact-oriented Katapult Accelerator. She is also an active public speaker, having participated in 50+ events in 20+ countries over the past three years.